SIAT S8

Semi automatic carton holder and pusher
The operator picks the closed box and squares it, positioning on the middle machine shaft. By doing this operation the two width-wise flaps would be folded. By pushing with the bottom carton flaps two switches the machine automatically folds the two lengthwise flaps. After the filling, the carton is being pushed away.
  • The machine folds the four bottom flaps, it doesn't seal the boxes.
  • Side guides automatically (pneumatic) identifying the box width holding the boxes to facilitate its filling with both operator hands.
  • Carton pusher into the carton sealer once finished the carton filling.
  • Plain boxes case storage on the opposite operator side.
  Technical Data    
  Type: SIAT F105  
  Speed: up to 600 boxes / hour  
  Machine height: 700 up to 860 mm  
  Box sizes: max: LxWxH: 600 x 500 x 500 mm  
    min: LxWxH: 200 x 130 x 120 mm  
  Power: 230 V  50 Hz  
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