TP Pallet  

   Strapping machine TP Office

Horizontal strapping machine of the latest generation
Our TP Pallet is suitable for fruit & vegetable boxes, concrete blocks, and pallets loaded with cardboard boxes containing any type of products. It can be moved easily beside the pallet you want to strap, no need to move the stacked pallet. TP Pallet is a quick, ergonomic and economic solution for horizontal low volume pallet strapping applications.
  • Adjustable Strapping Height
  • Easy to Change the Coil
  • Control Panel on Both Sides
  • Mobility
Tension: Mechanical Variable
Bandwidth: Variable from 9 mm to 15,5 mm
Sealing temperature - Short warming time, fast usable.
  Suitable Strapping material  
  Strapping band white PP 12x0,55x3000  
  Strapping band white PP 12x0,63x3000  
  Technical Data    
  Type: TP Pallet  
  Band Width: 9 mm to 15,5 mm  
  Tension: soft to strong  
  Speed: about 12 straps per minute (manually)  
  Height: 1902 mm  
  Width: 786 mm  
  Depth: 760 mm  
  Weight: 260 kg  
  Energy: 230 V / 50 Hz, 3 A  
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