TP Economy

   Strapping machine TP Economy

This machine is one of our smallest in our machine program
Small in measures but big in technique!
  • Compact Mechanical Strapping Head with 30% less
    moving parts than conventional machines. There are no
    belts, chains or pulleys.
  • Extremely low noise sealing head.
  • Sensor Controlled Heater (The faster 24V heating
    mechanism is sensor controlled assuring you of
    consistent and high efficiency seals.)
  • Electronic Tension Control (Adjustment for wider strap
    tension (8-45 kg) can be easily done on the front control
  • Adjustable Table Height (780 mm to 950 mm)
  • SPS Controlled
Tension: Variable over Poti from soft to strong.
Bandwidth: Variable from 8 mm to 12 mm
Noise: 65 dB.
Sealing temperature - Short warming time, fast useable.
  Suitable Strapping material  
  Strapping band white PP 12x0,55x3000  
  Strapping band white PP 12x0,63x3000  
  Technical Data    
  Type: TP Economy  
  Band Width: 8 mm to 12 mm  
  Tension: soft to strong  
  Speed: about 12 straps per minute (manually)  
  Table height: 780 mm bis 950 mm  
  Width: 830 mm  
  Depth: 570 mm  
  Weight: 75 kg  
  Energy: 230 V / 50 Hz, 3 A  
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