TP Office

     Strapping machine TP Office

This machine is the smallest in our machine programme
Our TP Office is the ideal small strapping machine for offices, banks and stores. Simply everywhere, if there is not much space, but strapping is needed or an advantage. Due to the simple construction the machine needs very low maintenance.
  • Smoke-exhaustion system
  • Designed specially for office, bank, post office, book and department store...etc.
  • High engineering standard and simple design
  • Easy operation, simple maintenance
  • Hinged stainless top plate
Tension: Mechanical Variable
Bandwidth: Variable from 8 mm to 12 mm
Sealing temperature - Short warming time, fast useable.
  Suitable Strapping material  
  Strapping band white PP 12x0,55x3000  
  Strapping band white PP 12x0,63x3000  
  Technical Data    
  Type: TP Office  
  Band Width: 8 mm to 12 mm  
  Tension: soft to strong  
  Speed: about 12 straps per minute (manually)  
  Table height: 800 mm  
  Width: 650 mm  
  Length: 440 mm  
  Weight: 80 kg  
  Energy: 230 V / 50 Hz, 3 A  
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